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Steamboats.org⇒ Steamboats.org

This site has one of the most comprehensive listings of steam calliopes as well as the greatest number of recordings. Also on this site you will find a wealth of information regarding steamboats in America, as well as a discussion forum with subjects ranging from calliopes to pilots.
Travis' Steam Calliope Homepage⇒ Travis' Steam Calliope Homepage

This is the number one website for information, pictures, and other media regarding steam calliopes. The site's creator, Travis Vasconcelos, has played many of the calliopes still in existence, and he serves onboard these boats as calliope player and riverlorian.
Mechanical Music Digest⇒ MMD's Calliope Home Page

This section of the Mechanical Music Digest website contains several articles and links on calliopes, including non-riverboat calliopes not mentioned on the Steam Calliope site. An additional section tackles more complex aspects of calliope design.
Steam Whistles⇒ Steam Whistles

The Steam Whistles group on Yahoo discusses every technical aspect of whistles, both air- and steam-operated. Most calculations on the Steam Calliope site were found at this Yahoo group. You have to join the group as a member to benefit from the multitude of info the site has to offer.
Perfessor Bill⇒ Perfessor Bill

Perfessor Bill Edwards offers an astounding amount of historical information on the ragtime and bluegrass roots of calliope music. As an added bonus, the site provides many MIDIs of these songs along with CD recordings, sheet music, and articles.

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