1000 Hobo Names

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1Scudders P. Keratosis
2No-Spleen McGee
3Argyle the Chess Player
4Jimmy Sits-on-a-Fence
5Slick Willie
6Wet Willie
7Misogynist Willie
8Gil Bates, Inventor of the Hobonet
9Apricottage Seamus
10Spamhead Fishbottom
14Hoagie Hobie
15Pachycephalus Rex
16Amadeus the Seminary Dropout
17Helga the Bearded Lady of Mexico
18Joey Snoweater
19Ricky Crimson Piehole
20Lonely Pete the Leper
21Mixolydian Mike Mixton
22The Sworn Enemy of Bob Ross
23Shotgun Spiffs the Zombie Hunter
24Hobodroid H3000
25Terry Treeclimber
26Fishnet Dogstench the Carolina Bumpkin
27Half-Dead Pessimist Bob and his brother Half-Living Optimist Larry
28Old Man Lightning Shorts
29Throckmorton P. Gilderpant the Timid Hobonaut
30Salt Shaka Shaka Shaka
32Uncle Overload
33Cousin Banjo Birdseed
34Chisel and his Toxic Liver
35Phlegm, That Bastard
36Big, Tall, Alien Mike the Nintendo Kid
37Fratricide Frank
38Unprotected Tex
39Simple Phil the Asian
40Horse Shriek Letterman
41Seven-Horse Sitwell, the Bringer of the Hobopocalypse
42Jackson the Viennese Asswipe
43Red Shirt Lifespan
45The Forkinator
46Limburger Lemuel
47Nobody-Doesn't-Like Sara Lee
48Nobody Doesn't-Like-Sara-Lee
49Nobody-Doesn't-Like-Sara Lee
50Won't Tip McStingy
51Hinkety Pinkety
53Thimble, the Ground Slug Connosieur
54Lunchbox O'Flox
55Sweet Sweet Picklebreath
56Sandwich of Glory Roman
58Bada Bing, Bada Steve
59El Macaroni
60Father Crunchmas
61Wookie Bill
62Brown Ted, Famous for his Amazing Sugar Cookie Recipe
63Guy Asks-for-Change
64Gyros the Greek
65Hell's Unicorn
66Dan the Guitar Fiend
67Tin Cap Earl
68His Hoboness Prince Fatbert
69Soupcan Spitball Eater
71Ugly Mort
72Axe Pick Raul No-Pants
73Tossed Salad Ferdinand
74Carl the Cart Avenger
75Masked Ollie the XVII
76Brown Paper Bag Filthyhair
77Soytatoes Brownson
78Banananana Flashbulb
79The Boxcar Herald
80Blackwall Jensen
81The Under-Bridge Flapper
83Cowboy Dave, the Jew
85Backhair Mittens the Feline Tailor
86Skeletal Jones
87Glass Eyesockets the Hobo Express Conductor
88Timely Mark Twixt
89Jim Nauseam, the Disbarred Personal Injury Litigator
90Norman the Mormon
91Trotsky the Carp Wrangler
92Johnny Fists-of-Wrath
93Bluegrass Pendleton
94The Anonymous Donator, Patron of the Unknown
95Guest Lecturer Dr. Phyllis Stefanopoulos
96Three Piece Suit Max
97Honorable Judge Chamberlain Bindle Stiff
98Adam, the Mulligan Stew Originator
99Garrison Chucks-a-Dummy
100The Famed Cannonball Catcher
101Jimbo the FRED Hater
102Easy Mac, the Surreptitious Delinquent
103Plain Sam
104Supreme Overlord 7-Fingers
105Marcus the Itinerant Bellhop
106Squiggles T. Malarkey
107Lucky Joseph the Turd Collector
108Herman Papilloma Virus
109The Symbiotic Relationship of Tim and Howard
110Slightly Less Than Jerry
111Toolbelt Jack of the Penguins
112Randall the Male Soprano
113Latin Feely Roberts
114Dysart the Distress`ed
115Mystic Marion, or ESP
116Harry Clint, the Guide for Dummies
117Eric Anti-Perspirant
118The Self-Appointed King of Go-Carts
119Out-by-Eight-Thirty Mike
120Tae Kwon Moe
121Seersucker Bridgid
122Methadone Maleguena, the Turbana Lady
123The Blod
124Injun Tucker
125Carruthers the Summertime Flapass
126The Hobo Formerly Known as Stuart
127Ransom Jack
128Oklahoma Boesen
129Mark Sees-His-Own-Shadow
130Clem the Manpon Maker
131Good Gravy! Joe Burns
132Telltale "Boobs" Swarnson
134Chief Stuffs-His-Wallet
135The Wonderful Wizard of Fuzz
137General Sideburns
138Stakepounder Nelson
139!xobile the Dark
140Poobah Pruce
141Easy-Catch Clive, the Guy Who Eats Ransom Jack's Notes
143I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Doug
145Bonbon Sean-Sean
146Spyflake Jake, Master of Interstate Espionage
148Burnin' Vernon and the Dulcitones
151The Bellower
152Appendicitis Nixon
154Hungry Hungry Horace
155Rabbitscalper Ted
156Lena, the Sockmonkeyteer
157Mr. Fold
158Big Manuel
160Bill Carver, Greatest Scar Museum on One Foot and a Stick
161Klepto Tarbox
162Da Jesus
164Lord Linus, Dust Magnet
165Ratfriend Bates
166The Pinto Ressurector
167Meteorologist Alex, Forecaster of the Heavens
168Dead Oscar the Hypochondriac
169Unfortunate Dumas Curses-His-Parents
170Johnny Applecore
171Succulent Aaron Bacon
172Apollo the O
173Everyone's Hero, Lester
175iTodd, the Portable Music Hobo
176Village Elder Quicksand Murphy
177Village Idiot Quicksand Sinks-with-Flair
178The Blessed Virgin Gary
179Hamlet R. Snaggletooth, the Shakespearean Donut
180Invisible Invincible
181The Melting Pot of Utah
182Free-Time Wilson
183Ascension Jones
184Eusebius T
185Wombat Chew
186Jeweyes Buntmorton
188"Pasty" Brown
189Blackie White
191Milton Willowmere, Inhaler of Aerosols
192Duct Tape Spyro Gyra
193Tether Bill Muscleteeth
195Strawpoke Larry
196Fitzpedro Sanchez, the Wetback Mick
197Two-toed Cletus
198Wolfchild Remus
199Milt the Squirrel Whisperer
200Breastmilk Carl
201Plumb Bob
202Thanks O'Banion
203Can Can I'm the Whistle Man
204Apologetic Hans
205The One-Stop Taster
206Gurgle the Leaden Backstrokist
207Bourbon Hardbelly
208Freddy Licks-Your-Face
210No. 625 in the Hobo Hymnal
211Suds the Carwash Kid
212Reincarnated Kerouac
213Wonderful D, the Peg-Leg Athlete
214Fire Marshall Question Mark
215Interrogation Stan Hobart
216Mayday Mayday Nathan
217Percy Moonster, Hobo Scribe
218Merciless Joe Hat-Too-Wide
219Why, Wild Wyatt
220Frank the Absurdly Rotund Pharmacist
221Nicely-Nicely Johnsonville Bratwurst
222Das Milk
223The Wand of Doom
224Prince Anubis of Denial
225Merriam Webfoot, Inventor of Hobonics
226Homer Bond, Otherwise Known as Double Oh Kevin
227Jack B. Trimble
228Jack Bisquick
229Miraculous Fumblebottom
230Stumpy the Former Acrobat
231Uber Francis, Ruler of the Hobodom
232Chuck the Eternal Dirtsmith
233Motel No-Tell Phyllis
234Jack of the Lantern
235Fortbuilder Mount Vernon
236Merlin the Intuitive Albino
237Dumpa Dump
238Slowtalker Imam
239Brownose the Poosnitch
240Rudolph the Sponge-nosed Caboose Jockey
241John the Apostle
242Greaserag Gary
243Tiehopper Bill
244Nadia Rainwalker Comanche
245Rock Pocket Jones
246Asphalt Martin
247Tinshoe Gavin
248Huge Keyring McGraw the Locksmith
249Lenny the Dentist
251The Original Athlete's Foot
254Cloudy Puffsmoke the Smoker
255Blowhard Terry
257Sparks, the One-Man Volunteer Fire Department
258Crabshack Jerome
259Porter Rico
260The Klob
261Chewy the Masticator
263Sunfish the Meringue
264Sweettone Dulcimator
265Methodist Redd
268Lutheran Ted
271Newport Knut
272Hot Peppa Slick
274The Velveteen Babbitt
275Treat Street No-Pleats
276Rubbish Bin Top Hat
277Giovanni the Circus Midget
278The Personal Philosophy of Play-Doh
279Welch's Grape Bruce
280Sdrawkcab the Grammarian
281Sidewinder the Technophobe
282The Magical Ketchup Opener
283The One-Year Difference Breitbach Twins
285Julio the Manager of the Britt Jungle
286Hobo Schmobo The Cynical Prick
287Mrs. S.'s Mescaline Prognosis
289The Hobollusionist
290Union Jack Pacific
291Betty Brent
292Dalcroze-Certified Keno the Insane
293Sgt. Poorchoice
294Dusty Vandersocks
295Awkward Brint
296Gracious Gate Knocker the Humble Dwarf
297Ladder Hands Wind Flapper
298Shinbone Sore
299Broomstick Corner Leaner
300Tree Hole Stump Jumper
301Steamwhistle Piehole Johnson
302Finnigan Tradepost
303Overly Confident Beartamer
304Nicholas Beans-in-a-Pan
305Tartan Barton
306Never-Late the Hearing Impaired
307The Legend of Edwin
308Twirl'em Holster
309Punchdrunk Kraut Der Faust
310Yanni's PA
311Isaac the Freelance Assassin
312Whiny the Futilist
313Dem Old Ragtown Blues
314Squeaky the Oboe Fondler
315Tarfolgers Arnold
316Reynold's Choice
317Jon, the Anachronist
318Magic Stu
319Fons and Porter and their Half Hour of Power
320Two-Time Leonard
321Mick Jagger's Uncle
322Jethro the Anarchist
323The Lincoln Log Champ-peen
324The Many Faces of Tito
326Eleven O'clock Drop
328Captain Leathers, the Roustabout Extraordinaire
329Alistair du Jour
330King Cornelius, Lord Dumpington
331Beatus Angeli
332Aromatic Steve
333The Frugal Quail Gourmet
334The Extravagant Quail Gourmand
335Hammerfist George
336Soy-Based Wade
337Ufologist Dr. McSnorkel
338The Gospel According to Otis
339Post-it Flowerpot
340Leroy the Avid Photographer
341Hobo Nobo
342Travellin' Sam, Medicine Man
343Running Ed, the Guy Who Has Former Mafia Ties
344Seven-Kids-Catholic O'Reilly
345Assertive Shaky Knees
346Kid Kix
347Commodore Crunch
348Two-Can Sam
349The Quaker Oaf
350Boney the Tiger
351Luckey Charms (The Breakfast Gang were the least successful group of cereal killers in history due to their overwhelming sense of hobo goodness.)
352Scraper de Spatula
353Goatman Yellowjinx
354Panamanian Franklin Muskrat
355Jerry the Ventriloquist
356Hee Haw McGraw, the Hy-Vee Frequenter
357Bloodgums Sourpuss
358Caped Jimmy Douglas
359The Canteenite
360Pocket Change
361Sid Skidson, Son of Skid
362Farmer's Market Shoulder-Shrug
363Belly-Faced McGurkin
364The Mighty Spoon of God
365Dee Minor, the Saddest of All Hoboes
366Oktoberfest Franz
367Phineas the Little
369Max the Adrenaline Junkie
370Sweet-n-Sour Liam
371Basket Fred
372Guitarra Fernandez the Maroon-Vested
373Second-Rate Bertram
374The Stamp Collector Aficionado
375Sunny Sideways
376Mortimer Flapcheeks, the Hobo Impressionist
378Antidisestablishmentarianist Ed
379Donald the Dire Drifter
380Industrious Bart
381Master Fizzlesticks Coatmeister
382Da Dadada Da-Da-Da Jake
383Amorous Franco
385Pete, Ominous Caster of Thirteen Days of Unending Shadow
386Scoliosis McHunchalot
387Chuck of the Pork Pie Hathood
388Igor Sikorsky
389Sonic Boomer
390Stanley Too-Cheap
392Chewable Relief Tom
393Marty the Thrift Store
394Clean Sparky Gristle
395Joe the Caboose Mechanic
396Holy Man Miles
397Studdering Buster
398Big John Skin-Blanket
399TJ, which is short for Testosterone Jill
400Daniel Cardinal Goobermeister
401End-is-Near Fredo
402Fretless Scaredy-Pig
403Kevin of the Bumpily-Headed
404The Soloist
405Four Star General Chester Chesthair, Chief of the United States Hobo Corps
406The Anishinaabe Kid
407Vince the Retired Bandit
408Mr. Fipps the Hobotard
410Blackened-not-Burned Cliffbeaux Zydeco
411Truman Sleeps
412Nalgene Norbert
413Chris Sillyface Jones
414The Dixieland Wonder
415Forks-not-Spoons Hank
416Jack Gumwad
417Horace, Directly Descended from a Second Cousin of Jesus Christ
418Skinkjump Panhandler
419Omnibus O'Flanaghan
420Sewage Department Director Fuddlesworth
421Overbite Nan
422Underbite Fran
423Inbetweenbite Tuck, the Outcast
424Born-Again Christian
425Druggie Howard, M.D.
426Colonface Wilson
427Duodenum Pat
428The Ghost of Hobos Past
429Mescaline Nelson
430Jim Beam Jim
431The Six-Million Peso Hombre
432Paranoid Floyd
434Mighty Tex the Urinal Painter
435Donald the Hobodontist
436Dick the Hobotometrist
437SuperLou, the Only Adhesive You'll Ever Need
438R.I.P. Hobo Ralph
439Vagabondus, the Father of Modern Hoboism
440Thrice A, the Annoying Anabaptist Abednego
441Carroll Spinney
442Historic Pauline Wayne
443Backwards, Forwards, Upside-Down BOB
444Infectious Dwight
445Claymation Phil
446Floppy Reginald
447Muddy Oliver, the Incredible Mustachioed Man
448Zeke the Greek
449The Star Spangled Arthur
450The Ten Plagues of Egbert
452Top Hat Bottom Feeder
453The Enduring Tradition of Ted
454Lonnie Beaufort
455Donnie Beaufort
456Ronnie Beaufort
457Connie Beaufort
458Bonnie Beaufort (The K-Mart Gang were immortalized in Bill Bryson's book, "The Lost Continent.")
459Submarine Jack P. Jones
462Honeycomb Fleecejacket
463Colorado Nan
464Spiffy Archibald, Keeper of Hobo Lore
465Jill the Recluse
467Xanthan Julius
468The Old Man
469Scabbard de Bassthumper
470Slim to None and Slim Just Left the Building, Therefore, "None"
471Sweaty Britches
472Roy, the Imaginary Hobosaurus
473Freightmaster Willie
474Raggedy Andy
475Weary Steelrider
476Cincinnati Steve Jones
477Chattanooga Choo-Choo Charlie
478Steamboat Ferguson the Deckhand Pioneer
480Yovowas, Ye Olde Vendor of Wares and Services
481Pocketwatch McFlapperson
482Der Clapmeister
483Nantucket Pete, the Retired Sea Captain
484Ol' Foamsides
485Logical Bruce Ferretcloth
486Idealist / Realist Moe Loesser
488The Midnight Special
489Verne the Escape Artist
490Nebraska Moral Brian
492The Unflappable Willingness of Ike
493Ulysses S. Grunt
494Pillowless O'Sobface
495Ragboots, the Last of the Great Hobo Cobblers
496Ollie No-Skills, Master of Futility
497The Twenty-Ninth Incarnation of His Holiness, the Dalai Hobo
498Insanely Lucky Rufus
499The Clownhater
500Captain Stupendous
501The Backhand Face-Rearranger
502Throbo and his Half-Brother Strobo, whose misinformed assumption of their own superpowers led to their untimely deaths
503Oh Sweet Gene S.
504Iowegian Buster
505Mr. Gambini the Wandering Minstrel
506Jacksonville Bret Wurst
508Beanie Boy
509Friendly Floridian Felix
510Four-of-a-Kind Slick Sparks
511Ray Walston
512Cablo Gubla
513The Universal Borrower
515Patrick the Unibrowed Ex-Marine
517J Edgar Herman, Eternal Friend of Turtles
518Levity Sam
519The Venerable Daniel Kerrigan, Esq.
520Motorless Carriage Enos
521Prospector Dennis
522Maestro Hiram the Steeple Bell Ringer
523J G Wentworth, Certified Hobo Accountant
524Stellar Spike
525Bill and the Ancient Vastness
526Lemon Battery-Operated Ephraim
527Accident-Prone Jerry Idaho
528Crabby Jones
529Erik Hansen the Odinist
530Melodic Flo and Her Travellin' Band
531Flexy, the Mattress Tester
532Overalls Stan
533Peachy Keen Maureen
534Eminent Dominic
536Tin Can Photographer Earl Snapson
537Shaky the Duck
538Mother Caboose, the Kindly Hobo Matron
540Teenie McGee
541Wyoming Merle
542The Outlaw Du Jour
543False Imprisonment Rollo
544Innocently Candid Dale
546Sonobe, the Modular Origami Artiste
547Circushand Randy
548Half-off Wildman
549Colonel Sanford Pens-of-Fire
550Penniless Walt Won't-Work
551King Crab
552Merlin the Alchemist
553Ohio Claude Finkel
554Saltwater Jeffy
555Hector the Nightmare Machine
556Icy Tim
557Preston McPilfer
558Chef Charles Le Phieux
559Elephantitis Hank, the Towering Grinferno
560Progressive George
561Yellowstone Nicky Quickly
562Little More Than a Wheelbarrow
563The Hobo Missionary
564Anders the Nordic Chorister
566Brave, Brave Tom Crawlspace
567The Grand Spelunker
568Great Plains Horace
569The Dakka Beast
570Joseph and his Armored Dromedary
571Fat Mark Chokes-on-his-own-Tongue
572Ethel Alcohol
574Jacques-Pierre the Legionnaire
575The Hobous Ubiquitor
576Dodecahed-Ron, the Mathematical Wunderkind
577Young Olaf Tinpants
578Philosophical Ed Debevic
579The Uncontrollable Urge of Dennis
580Hash-Slingin' Mickey of the Roadside Diner Alliance
581Soup Jockey Mickette
582Tophat Abraham Woodenthumb
583Manford McCouch, the Flea Market Specialist
584The Copiously Sweating Monk
585Malicious Herpeginis Richard Dreyfuss
586The Scourge of the Seven Streams
587Liquormeister Vern
588Grotesque Nilsson
589Greg Festive Bellbottoms
590Ferocious Tom Pokes-You-Hard
591Silver-Nosed Willis
593Ole Burned-Up McGee
594Not This One But That One
595Either/Or Xerxes
596Whiskeybreath the Sober Drunkard
597Frank M. Quentis, of Labcoat Notoriety
598Steve Calcite
599The Throat Plague of 1988
600The Self-Proclaimed King of Rummy
601Allegorical Chuck
602Alfie Kohn's Toupee
603Toadface Saul Krogmeier
604Liam Kneeson
605Recalcitrant Eddie, the Saved Crapshooter
606Homestead Harvey of the Flask
607Francis McMayonnaise
609Father Sandpaper
610Anecdotal Thurgood Liarface
611Martin Scoreseasy, the Hobo Documentarist
612The Polka Fish
613Hymnal Samuel Roberts
614The Fantastic Tale of Two-Thirds-Nosed Junior Swaddlesback
615Mort, the Renegade Mosquito Collector
616Commander Watersavvy, Sworn Enemy of All Pirates
617Jail Cell Tom de Tin Yakky Yakky Yak
618Oblivious Oblong
619The Fool, Which is to Say, Mike Healy
620Emperor Han, the Feisty Penguin
621Hezekiah the Repentant Sinner
623Naive Magellan, Cartographer of the Great American Hoboscape
624Graphite Sam
625Monkey See, Monkey Drew
626The Sole Survivor of the Grand Coulee Dam Disaster (What a Fiasco!)
628Uiop, the ASDF Assassin
629Speedy Slim, the Human Impala
630Grassbags Walt, Groundskeep Hunchback from Birth
631Amber Waves of Wayne
632Purple Mountain Majesteve
633Adirondack Jed, the Only Melungeon in Herkimer County
634Quotable Granger, the Wild Ass
635Common Adam
636Lightning Rod DIY
637Sand-Buried Bertram
638Migratory Ivan Croclegs
639Little Baby Raincloud
640The Thrice-Drop Out English Major
641Lardsweets Eats-for-Cash
642Paul Cornshuck the Patriot
643Galena Mine Ben
644Frozen Yogi Dollarpiece
645Sing-Along Kathryn and Her Battery-Operated Autoharp
646The The More You Know Guy
648Officer Frampton McChief Tophat
649Acid-Blooded Kryznok the Outsider
650Rejected Quinn
651Dejected Quinn
652Ejected Quinn
653Wilhelm the Obese Kraut
655Holy Smokes, Supplier of Choice Tobacco Products for Hobos
656Overdressed Clem, the Nudist
657Lenora Mae Nightshade
658The Hobo MacGyver
659Mr. Sandman
660Cocoa Orinoco
661Bandsaw Vince, the Seven-Fingered Carpenter
662Woody McThermite, the Poorly-Timed Pyromaniac
663Audiophile Isaac Calamity, the Collector of All Things Noisy
665Inquisitive Jack
666Lipscomb Sy Earwig
667The Great Parole Maker, Master Conviction Avoider
668Loophole Rosenstein, the Great Parole Maker's Legal Attache
669Spaetzle und Schnitzel Akbar
671Clean Slate Sam
672Arliss the Cowboy
673Horny Goutman
674Duke Winchester McSpiral
675The Most Holy Reverend Carbine
676Boater Percy Smythe
677The Moustachioed Trombonist
678Simon and His Quartz Monocle
679Smokey Flick Nostrilgap
680Wabasha Gunther
681The Minister of Rapid Hair Regrowth
682Mike McRump
684Al the OSHA Retiree
686The Carpeted Frenchman
687Midnight Max
689Old Familiar
690Yodelin' Mick Begone
691Wolfgang Noseart, Composer of the Hobo Requiem
692The Junkyard Auditor
693Every-So-Often Archibald
694Sad Bill Licks-It-Up
695Keytar Ivan Moonbeam
696Fussy Ulysses the Sissy
697Flat Karma Steve
699Knuckles, the Hobo Clown Thief
700One-Hour Photo Slick
701Moe Fink
702Eddie Packet Allen the Stowaway
703Bjorn Bjornstad the Bjoring
704Noble Ike
706Even-Keeled George the Humanitarian
707Basejump Fizzletwit
708Frenzied Heinrich the Forgetful Banker
710Funny Laughy Jokeboy, Who's Dead Inside
711Paper-or-Plastic Redd
712The Humble Life of Wallace
713Colin "Nickname" Kettlefish
714Octogenarian Gary Generic
715The Sandburrower
716Rusty the Shopping Cart Salesman
717Sodacrack, Distributor of Old Book Smell
718Flashlight Don the Baptist
720Canned Air Blowhard, the Subject of Much Ridicule
721Clickin' Quincy and His Many Lens Adapters
722Steel Wool Perry
724Ultimate Barry "The Ocelot"
725H, Just H
726Phantom X Minus One
727One-shoe Iowa Roadwalker
728Ramblin' Dan
729Stone McPherson
731Theisen the Cablehanger
732Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Grass
733The Double Deuce
734Jackson Pincushion Jones
735Mostly Toasty the Roastman
738The Great and Powerful Zorbino
739Evil Jim
740Flick and His Tragically Underdeveloped Sense of Smell
741Parrot Eduardo Accentuoso
742Trimble, the Only Hobo Ever to Catch the 12:30 to Delmar
743Omar Sheriff Hooker
744Two-Lane Pete
745Wrzyski, Maker of Not-so-Fine Polish Sausages
746Zero Nine Eff Nine, Leader of the Revolution
748Radarange of the Amanas
749Rabbit Stew and You-Can-Too
750Sly Willy, the Derailment Insurance Salesman
751Hundred-Yard-Stare Fritz
752Stovecatcher the Hobo Witch Doctor
753Long Elmyra Storkinatrix
754Friday Odegard
755Begrudged Ayler Tomatoleaf
756Tomorrow Phillips
757J.T. Bowel Renard
759S, s, s, Steve (Previously Known as Steve the Studderer, but Shortened for Practical Purposes)
760Joe: Not Even Close
762Wheelie McSpinschair
763Moonshine O'Halloran
764Hobo Francis the Milkman
765Stanosaurus Rex
766Bootleg Sammy Magnetic
767The Tar-Grin Miner
768Hugh, the Ringleader
769Thuringer Ulysses Tabletop
770Horace the Elder
771Unscheduled Tabitha Smits
772Flaxen Walter Bran
773Crunch Buttsteak and His MST3K Obsession
774Marcellus the Papal Doppelganger
775Tense McShitbrick
776Could Be But Isn't
777Planky Joe, the Veritable Anthology of Hobo Fables
778Saint Stinkybritches
779Manfred the Alliterative Fool
780Minnesota Just Never Know
781Bedford Falkirk
782Spherical Henry Buttonchest
783Fast-Talkin' Uganda O'Reilly
784Wally and His Llama-skin Kneepatch
785Recently Declassified Document 1950-HOBO
786[Permanently Removed for Violation of Hobo Custom, but Formerly Known as Austin the Unhobo]
787Old Half-Pipe Wilson
789The Sunshine Special
790Begonia Bait Sprague
791Poodle the Mango Forager
792Metal Popcorn Ralph Busttooth
793Mugsy Pugsy Billy Bykovski
794Irrhythmical Stumbletoes Lee
795Rob and His Heartwarming Thanksgiving Story
796Vocal Tommy Filibuster
797Manly Fran, the Living Paradox
798Impossible Freeman Noseplug
799Bob the Hobo
800Number 800, by Miraculous Happenstance
801Number 801, by Contract
802Tiny Tin Ty
804Excessively Malevolent Ian of Scots
805The Kodak Busker, aka the Freelance Phobographer
806Crabby Gordon Kerchief-Loser
807Waddlin' Chuck
808Stumpy the Heel Amputee
809Francois the Sommelier, also known as although he hated the moniker, Frank the Wino
810Whiny the Elder
811Whiny the Younger
812Whiny Shackleton, nee Whiny III
813Never-Again Ned (Mind Your Own Business)
814The Late Alfred Longchicken
815Plumbbob Miles Fink Finkleroy
816Dr. Harold Knapsack, the First and Last Hobo Visionary
817The Cantankerous Tin Can Tech Man
818Roadkill Seamus Baconbreath
819Heavenly Disgust and the Muffin of Destiny
820Russ Beerbottom
821Failure-o-matic, the Android Hobot
822Stinky Gus Woodshedder, Lead Tenor of the Belch Brigade
823Spiny Eric P, the Toothpick Forager
824Alfonso Ytterbium
825Officious Mike Stamp-of-Approval
826The Burly Soup Kitchen Raider
827Traingrab, the Leapfrogging Railcar Bandit
828Sparky, Constantly Excited Due to Botulism Intoxication
829Apu of Pakistan
830The Never-Convicted Ain't-a-Felon
831Baked Beans McJeans, the Laundromat Frequenter
832Richard, Legend of Luxury
833Turbo Hobo
834Ugly Waterbag
835Politically Incorrect Misty, the Minimal Input St. Thomas Yatch
836Mr. Sewercat Spooner
837Steamy Croc Jacques
838Dopey Iowa Fred Sprinkel
839Transient Merle the Eloquent
840Mark'n'Lester, the Split Personality Weirdo
841Lynx McTypey, Editor for the National Hobographic Society
842Clyde Tuesday Sidepatch
843Voluminous Quentin Two-Seater
844CB Radio Lee Truckstop
845The Last Straw of Nassau, MN
846Felt-Tipped Zen the Buddhist
847Anyone-For-Dennis, the Speech Impediment Athlete
848The Ol' Five Strings
850Pie Thief Nate Slipperyfingers
851Luxsaurus the Terrible Lizard of Light
852Teetering-Tottering Floyd, the Soberingly Unbalanced Drunk
853The Phantom Tollbooth Assailant
854Inner City Tom Bumbuster
855Dalcroze-Trained Betsy Klean-o
856Bayou Buck's Cousin Marty
857Traditional Alvin McJones Ragcoat
858Feminine Tammy Bootwalker
859Meatloaf Up Chuck, also known as Chaz the Reflex Artist
860Hobo Higgins, Inhibitor of Rudeness, Protector of Etiquette
861Silent Ryan Trainyard, the Bullmobile Evader
862Todd Under-Bridge, Not Seen Since 1942
864Morton "George" Morton
865The Public Area Heavysetter
866Nevada-Proud Tim Whackbush
867Giles McArmpit
868Tummy Twiddler
869Huge Frank Mattress-Envy
870Martin Hands-Too-Big
871Sweetbreads Hibbard
872Stinkbait Larry Beefbroth
874Wretched Alfred Nonsense
875Kid Whist
876Tabless Jed, the Folk Guitarist
877Deerstand James Hunchback
878Col. Maestro Williams, Conductor of the Hobo Marching Band
879Willy Nilly
880Iowa State Chris-n-George
881Ganges Ed the Yogagod
882Albino Joe
883The Whitejon
884The Darkjon
885The Infamous Scatophile Brett
886Turdwall Jackson, Union General
887Fishmael (The True Heir of Salt Lake)
888Posh Sass, Queen of Illiteration
889Barb and Bud the Outcasts, Who Live in the Air-Conditioned Rear End of K-Mart
890Sassafras Smoothie
891Recursion Fred, Whose Name Continues at the Beginning of This Name
892Toehammad, Intercessor to the Footgods
893Jesus H. Miller
894Taco Tico
895Burrito Vanburen, Brother-in-Law of Taco Tico
896The Other Man Who Wanted Waco
897Demon-Kutter Boris
898Kitten-Kutter Gregor
900Chairman Mao Zedonk
902Uncle Pennybag
904The Blind Bartimaeus, Moonshine Connoseiur
905Witness Protection Pilgrim
906Knute Wallace, the Boy Who's Always Cramping for a Tamping
907Wendy City
908Coco Flan-nell
909Strom Burges, PhD, the Doctor of Gain-Fatitude
910Phyliss, Mistress of the Underporch
912The Little Puddin' Boy
914Steve Farmer Jones
915Burlington Groats Olfactory
916Old-Timey Illinois Centralist
917Bombshell Bruce
919Burning Man's Cousin
920Helter Skelton
921The Connecticut Yankee and King Arthur's Corpse
922Bursitis Don
923Lord Timmy Twat
925Corn Dog Smithers, Man on a Stick
931Strummin Thumbs, Who Was Never a Bum
932Climber McDougal, the Scotch-on-the-Rocks
934Fannie-Pincher Frannie
935The Girl for Jeepaneema
937Inseam Jan B.
938Gunther the Hunther
939Fisheye Bjorn
940A Little Stan Mixed with Stale Crackers
941The Parasol Lady
942Ploughshares MacGillicuddy
943Humdrum Pete
945Melt-Skin, Experienced Hobo Toxicologist
946Merle 'N Earl
947Damned Tammy
948Stogie Joe
950The Bum-Slapper
951Dr. Who's Younger Brother, Ted Who
953Clamsucker Nate
954Time in a Biffy
955The Davenport
95640 Enemas, No More Please
957Frisky Jed the Hobosexual
958Shorty Stewart
962Limey Stewart's Third Leg
963Captain Esplanade
964Spinach Joe Hatbottom
965Iggy Grease
967Never Wrong Arnold, Who is, By His Very Nature, Almost Always Wrong
968Dewey Cookie Dough Cook
969The Great Hobo Panderer, Stuff of Legends
970Whistlestop Stretch, Purveyor of Fine Arts and Crafts
971Chemistry Nerd Tom L.
972Hobo, Fo Sho
973Not-My-Department Frank
974Jangles the Hoboperator
975(Parenthetical Hiram Burgess)
976Drippy Keen
977Punchy Dom Swagger
978Rod Goodwin of the Forest
979Tin Breath Magic Fingers
980Thirty-Fifth Percentile Jack Topflap
981Credentialless Gary
982The Road Rouser
983Nils, the Sunset Swede
984Sir Escobar Trimblecap Fils
985Fitzwilliam the Mutt Carrier
986Crock Pot Jim
989Fettucine Alfred
990Closet Squat
991Pum Pum
992Hobogie the Hobo Pilot
995Blood Vessel Ethel
996Bearjaw Willison
997St. Biff of the BNSF
998Electee Turnbuckle Stewart Flags-On-High, Preeminent Hobo Lobbyist of Our Time and the Great Defender of Hobo Liberty
1000Caleb and His Lackluster Performance Skills

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1000 Hobo Names
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